Thursday, September 28, 2006

President Clinton on Fox News

Last night I watched the now-infamous interview with President Clinton on Fox New Sunday with Chris Wallace. Watching him smack Wallace and the right-wing media around was such a relief. It's about time a Democrat took conservatives to task for attempting to re-write history. The problem is that the only person so far to do this effectively can't be elected again. But perhaps Mr. Clinton's opening salvo will prompt other, more timid Democrats to finally pick up the fight.

Watching the interview reconfirmed my belief that Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents we've had since FDR. He led the country brilliantly, bringing a pragmatic, problem-solving style to governing. He believed that when done right, government could be a powerful force for good, but that it also had its limits. He appointed talented people to office. He balanced the budget. He believed in helping the poor. He believed in rule of law. When he traveled the world, he was greeted by cheering crowds. He was one of the smartest presidents we have ever had.

He presided over a prosperous time and, for better or worse, fate handed him no major national crises to respond to. Instead, he was hounded from the day he took office by those whose rabid, irrational hatred of him persists to this day. He had his flaws, but deserved nothing close to the national farce that was his impeachment. Yet despite all of that, he left the nation better than when found it. We can only hope that, after this disastrous administration, our country can again elect people of the caliber of Bill Clinton.


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