Friday, February 17, 2006

Junk Snail Mail Filter?

Spam blockers seem to be doing a pretty good job these days. They still say that something like 2/3 or more of all email in the world is spam, but it seems like only occasionally (every few days or so) something slips through the filter. I wish I could say the same about snail mail.

There once was a time when receiving a letter was fun and exciting. Those days passed a long time ago along with brown wrapping paper and string. Now it seems like 2/3 or more of all the snail mail I receive is a credit card offers. Even from the same company that I already have a credit card with. I don't get it. If I could filter out all this junk mail, my life would be more relaxed. But how would we go about doing this?

Turns out there is something like it: mail forwarding. When you move and sign up for mail forwarding at the post office, they forward everything except third class mail (or I guess "Standard Mail (TM)" as they seem to be calling it now), the class that all the junk mail gets sent in. They should offer this as a straight up service. A "National Do Not Mail Thrid Class" list, if you will. If they're going to junk mail spam you, make them pay. I've sent a request to the Postal Service, and if you agree with me, you should too. It might take legislation to enact this, so maybe we should write our congressmen and women, too.


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

... or you could just toss all the mail that comes in std postage like I have for years. I bet you would save as much time as you would by spending time lobbying the gov't to do something.

... or you could be like Wooj or Dan and let someone else filter your mail after you have moved out *ahem*

... or you could elect a good tribune, like back when i was at the house and tossed a cart full of spam mail every week. :P

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Raudel said...

... or you could leave the junk mail in your mailbox so the mailman has no choice but to leave the unwanted mail out. That works from some "spam" items...

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Thomas said...

While this sounds great in a rant in reality this isn't such a good idea. What incentive does the post office have to stop 3rd class mail. 3rd class mail is a product they are actively selling. If all of a sudden they let you stop all the 3rd class mail then boom they are out a huge part of their business. I guess you could argue that their should not be any mass marketing mailings but I really think that is another debate. Just as a bit of enticement for this debate. Say we get rid of third class mail. How much money are you willing to pay to maintain this orginization? Without money coming in from these orginizations it might be pretty hard for the post office to keep its doors open delivering your 3 xmas cards a year. The advent of the information-super-highway has all but killed first class mail forcing the post office into overnight delivery or 3rd class mail.

Just another perspective on this..


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