Monday, June 05, 2006

Mobile Air Taxi Maintenance

Earlier I posted about business opportunities in support of the coming air taxi industry. Talking to my boss Nick just now, the idea came of creating a mobile maintenance company. Here's the premise: one of the highly-touted features of air taxi transport is that Very Light Jets can fly into the many thousands of smaller, under-utilized airports scattered around the country. This will enabled people to fly point-to-point without having to go through busy hubs, hours from their staring points and destinations. But, since these are small airports already and the air taxi traffic will be irregular, there is no reason to expect that a qualified maintenance center will be at many of these airports. So what happens when a breakdown occurs? You call the mobile maintenance company. They would maintain a fleet of aircraft maintenance shops packed up in 18-wheelers, available on-call wherever needed. Somewhat like a AAA for light jets. That way, air taxi providers will be able to fly into and out of just about any airport they want and be confident that they will have the available maintenance support wherever they are.


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