Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why you should learn to drive a manual early in life

Continuing on the James Bond theme, here's an perfect example of how embarrassing it can be when you don't have a particular skill that was once ubiquitous. Daniel Craig the actor couldn't drive the Aston Martin DBS.
A look inside the new Bond car, which is based on the current DB9, reveals upholstery in a soft dark suedelike material, quilted in a diamond pattern; the instruments and shifter gleam from every carefully machined corner and curve. That shifter reportedly presented a challenge for Daniel Craig, the new actor playing Bond. Reports from the set were that filming shut down for several days while Mr. Craig learned to drive a manual transmission.

Parents, teach your kids how to drive a stick! (As well as other modes of transportation: bikes, swimming, motorcycles, trucks, etc.)


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